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Top UK mobile payment companies

Advances in tecnhology and connectivity mean it’s now easier than ever for you to accept customer credit card payments but from a fixed location and whilst on-the-go.  Gone are the days when costly, and sometimes clunky, credit card processing machines were the only option available to you. There has been a recent rise in the number of card readers that allow you to take both CHIP and PIN and contactless payments through your smartphone or tablet. Here are our picks for the top mobile payment options currently available for the UK market.   NameTypeOffers iZettleContactless & CHIP and PIN...

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What is restaurant POS software and do I need it?

What Is Restaurant POS Software and How Can It Help? A restaurant POS software system is one that allows business owners to take payments easily via a Point of Sale device, track sales, track cash flow, manage inventory and it can even benefit bookkeeping and the account side of things. Restaurants naturally have a large number of card payments each and every day, which can be difficult to keep track of. Restaurant POS software simplifies this and acts as a device to process these card payments. Rather than needing to note and manage every payment that’s accepted, a restaurant...

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iZettle mobile card reader review

iZettle Card Reader With no fees to pay each month and no contract to sign, the iZettle card reader has become a popular choice for merchants in recent years. With the cost of starting a business coming down over the last decade, one thing entrepreneurs still look for is a good return on investment on the services they use. There’s no doubt that being able to take payments on the move with no big overheads is one of the key factors that has made this payment system work for a growing band of entrepreneurs. But how does it stack...

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Paypal Here mobile card reader review

Paypal Here mobile card reader Portable card readers are becoming increasingly popular for businesses in the UK and around the world. The PayPal Here reader has the added provenance of a well-recognised brand combined with the latest mobile technology which makes it a favourite for many businesses in the UK and across the world. mPOS technology is becoming the standard and retailers are starting to move away from traditional terminals to ones with that extra mobility and flexibility. What is PayPal Here? Launched back in 2012, PayPal Here follows a similar line to many other mobile readers on the...

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Worldpay Zinc mobile card reader review

Worldpay Zinc mobile card reader Compared to other payment solutions, Worldpay is one of the oldest on the market and processed its first online payments for retail stores way back in 1994. Their mobile payment option is Worldpay Zinc which was introduced onto the market in 2013. The company is generally more focused on traditional PDQ machines which may explain why their current mobile option isn’t as flexible as some others. What is Worldpay Zinc? Worldpay Zinc is a mPOS option that combines simplicity with flexibility and ease of use. It’s largely aimed at retailers who want to be...

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