Advances in tecnhology and connectivity mean it’s now easier than ever for you to accept customer credit card payments but from a fixed location and whilst on-the-go.  Gone are the days when costly, and sometimes clunky, credit card processing machines were the only option available to you. There has been a recent rise in the number of card readers that allow you to take both CHIP and PIN and contactless payments through your smartphone or tablet. Here are our picks for the top mobile payment options currently available for the UK market.


iZettleContactless & CHIP and PIN readerView Offer
PayPal HereContactless & CHIP and PIN readerView Offer
WorldPay ZincBasic CHIP and PINView Offer
SumUPContactless & CHIP and PIN readerView Offer


SumUp: Credit Card Machine Mobile Chip & Pin Payment Solution

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Pros: Low cost and easy to set up, great battery life

Cons: Higher rates for high volume traders, settlement periods can be long



iZettle: Take card payments everywhere

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Pros: Market leader for cloud-based payments, create multiple accounts with different permissions, plenty of available accessories.

Cons: Higher rates for low volume traders, no over the phone payments.



WorldpPay Zinc: Take secure card payments using your mobile

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Pros: Simple to setup, low-cost setup, accept over the phone payments.

Cons: Amex not accepted, contactless payments not supported, app has limited features.



PayPal Here: Accept card and contactless payments without monthly fees

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Pros: Simple to use, great access to PayPal ecosystem, no fixed term contract.

Cons: Poor battery life, fees can be high and unclear