Worldpay Zinc mobile card reader

Compared to other payment solutions, Worldpay is one of the oldest on the market and processed its first online payments for retail stores way back in 1994. Their mobile payment option is Worldpay Zinc which was introduced onto the market in 2013. The company is generally more focused on traditional PDQ machines which may explain why their current mobile option isn’t as flexible as some others.

What is Worldpay Zinc?

Worldpay Zinc is a mPOS option that combines simplicity with flexibility and ease of use. It’s largely aimed at retailers who want to be able to do some credit and debit card transactions without getting the traditional payment system in. As with other readers, you link into a mobile app that allows you to input transactions and then obtain the pin and chip from the customer.

The keypad costs just under £40 which compares favourably with the other services out there and you don’t pay set up or operating fees. The transaction fees can come down as low as 1.95% if you want to pay £5.99 monthly or 2.75% if you want it free. The reader is limited in the cards it can take compared to, for example, iZettle. Mastercard, Visa and Maestro are currently the only ones accepted which can be a limiting for some businesses.

There’s generally a delay in settlement after payment of about 3 to 4 days which is again a little longer than some other providers. You can print receipts for customers or send text or email and one thing that sets it apart is you can take payments by phone.

Who Does it Work for?

Because of certain limitations compared to other mPOS companies, Worldpay may not be everyone’s cup of tea and there are certainly other providers out there who are offering more in the way of card coverage and flexibility. It is suitable for business, however, that operate on the move such as tradesmen and delivery workers or who want a simple payment solution that is easy to understand.

The Pros of Worldpay Zinc

  • It’s a simple system and connected to one of the biggest merchant account providers in the UK today.
  • The initial cost of the Worldpay Zinc reader is comparable to others on the market at £39.99.
  • No monthly costs or long contracts means that you can stop whenever you want and the transaction fees are largely the same as other products on the market.
  • One major advantage is that it can be used to take payments over the phone, something that most mPOS services don’t do.

The Cons of Worldpay Zinc

  • The limited functions of the Worldpay Zinc app will not suit everyone’s needs, especially with other competitors on the market who are offering a lot more.
  • It doesn’t currently accept contactless payments and is purely a chip and pin device.
  • Unlike other card readers, there’s no additional software that can be added which provides more value.

If you’re a business that has transactions less than £5,000, Worldpay Zinc is a perfectly good option and compares favourably on costs with its competitors. For anything over that, the service may lack the flexibility and scope for your business that is needed.